The breath of God can be found in the setting of the sun.  Of the many simple pleasures in life for me, chasing a sunset in the summer on our boat may be my very favorite.  There is something about a sunset melting away in the sky as a punctuation mark to the day that brings gratitude and hope all bundled into a beautiful painted sky.


A sunset is a reminder of my Heavenly Father’s love for me.  Yet, too often, I let the stressors of life detract from the simplicity and beauty that is all around me on a daily basis.  The sunsets serve as a reminder for me to be grateful, and know that just as sure as the sun sets it will rise.  For all of the opportunities I missed today with the setting of the sun, and the moments I wasted, God will give me another day tomorrow to do better. 


When I hear the boat start up as the sun begins the slide over the horizon, it is my husband sending the signal that he knows what makes me the happiest.  That hum of the motor is my cue to come escape for a few cherished moments to take it all in.   To be on the boat at the end of the day with my family makes my heart soar.  There is nothing better.   It is time to capture a moment when the world stands still.  While on the water, watching God paint His sky, the world stops for just a few moments.  Sounds are muted in a beautiful way; the wind on my face is cleansing; the watercolored sky reminds me of how blessed I am to be able to take all of the beauty in, and know that God loves me despite my many shortcomings of the day that is coming to an end.  With the setting of the sun, I know that opportunity will greet me with a new day.  With that, I am encouraged to try to do tomorrow better than I did today.


From the rising of the sun to its going down, the Lord’s name is to be praised.

Psalm 113:3